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   Updated: 10/09/05

Lynn McCrossin
The Pec Panther

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New PecPanther Gallery!!

2 New Gallery's!


 'Surreal in Sedona'

 by  Bill Dobbins

Once again cubs I bring you to the surreal surroundings of  Sedona!  Say That 3 times Fast!! 

Surprisingly, survivors of this shoot are Bill Dobbons and what do ya know, Me and the PecPanther of course !

Phew, it wasn't Easy but WELL worth it! Just being in Sedona is an out of world experience,

let alone being shot by the most renowned Photographer of this Genre!

Feel the Power...SEE the Beauty ...and escape with Me in this beautiful Land of Peace,

Tranquility and the Power of Nature.

For More of Bill's Fabulous and most artistic Photos you will ever see of

100's of Top Notch Body Builders and Fitness of all times Visit his website at

Thanks again Bill!

Enjoy cubs,

xo Lynn McCrossin aka The PecPanther

"Delightful Dawn Wash"

Is That a Lucky Car or What?! Cum in and see my Bosom Buddy, Dawn Whitham, give a car wash that you cannot put a price on to see!  She looks so delicious with her body saturated in suds and her skin glistening with streams of water dribbling down her Hard and Voluptuous curves and the deep crevice down her Back and Assets.

Richard Creaturo certainly captured many enticing pics with such beautiful angles, it makes you want to just reach out and grab a sponge too! Think The Pics are Hot? Wait till you View this Hard Bodied Beauty in Motion in our highest of quality Video clips! OMG!! I have to take a cold shower!   Thanks for the great job Rich!

... and Thank You Dawn for such an erotic display to share with my cubs in the Panthers Den. By the way, my car sure could use a good scrub down,care to cum to AZ.?!! <wink>

Enjoy my Precious Cubs!

Visit Dawns web at

xo Lynn McCrossin aka The PecPanther

New Products Page!! 10/05/05

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My New Video with Dawn Whitham Called Dungeon Of Desire from Impulse Is now completed and ready to ship.

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My Layout for Muscle Elegance Magazine will be out in their next Issue
coming out in  Mid- September.

My Video Gym Heat 3 with Denise Masino and Rhonda Lee Quaresma will be
out soon as well.

I will be adding a new  FAQ's Page and Diary Page, for those would want
to learn more about me  inside my DEN.

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New video is ready from Impulse Productions..

The New Video Is Dungeon Of Desire With Dawn Whitham.

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